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Wire wrapping tool kit.

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This kit includes all of the basic pliers that were used in my beginner and intermediate wire wrapping workshop. 

Round nose pliers- these are what we used to tighten up our wire on the finished product in the beginner class. They can also be used for holding wire gently without leaving sharp marks on it. 

Nylon jaw pliers- these are what we used to straighten out wire either from its original coil or from redoing a section of wrapping we decided to change. Remember that they will not perfectly straighten out a tightly kinked piece of wire. 

Flush cutters or side cutters- the cutters are used to trim off excess wire. They sometimes leave a bit of a sharp edge. Sharp ends can be tucked in to the piece or easily filed down with an emery board. 

Bail forming pliers or looping pliers- these are what we used to make the corkscrews to finish off our creations. 

Bent nose pliers- some of you may not have seen what I used these for, but I will gladly show you next class. I used the bent nose pliers not only to tuck the loose wire ends in, but also to make a tightly wrapped spiral to finish off the bail on a few. 

Tools come in a zippered pouch with 5 feet of silver colored tarnish resistant copper wire. 

Shipping of entire kit may take up to 2 weeks from order placement.