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Turquoise wire wrapped pendant

Regular price $ 40.00

This pendant consists of a smooth turquoise stone artfully wrapped in silver wire.

This pendant is unique and comes on a sterling silver snake chain in your choice of length. There is only one pendant in stock. 

Perhaps the oldest stone in history, turquoise has served as a talisman for kings, shamans, and warriors. 
Turquoise consists of a blue to green mineral makeup that is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum. It is a secondary mineral, formed during the weathering and oxidation of pre existing minerals. 
The word turquoise dates to the 17th century, derived from the French work for “Turkish” this stone earned such a name because it was first brought to Europe from Turkey. 
In western culture turquoise is the traditional birthstone for December. 
Turquoise  as once used as an amulet by Turkish solders to protect the riders from i juri s from falls. It is believed to be a strengthening stone, and is also thought to induce wisdom and understanding.